Fly! Or at least try.

It’s too high, I wonder if I can reach it. But I’ll jump anyway, I’d like catch it. I guess it’s time to fly! or at least try. Here comes the next throw, way off to the right. There goes my legs, running with might. I guess it’s time to fly! or at least try. […]

The Happy Art of Shibori

There is joy in making something beautiful, and there is also joy in finding it in the unplanned. That is what we found out when we attended Luisa’s Shibori workshop when she held it in QC. With an intimate setting and relaxed sunday atmosphere, participants are taught to experiment and explore this craft, and also […]

Eye on the Streets – Hong Kong

There’s always this lingering decision I have to make whenever I travel. On one hand I’d like to enjoy the place and absorb as much with just my eyes (and stomach) and enjoy the people who I’m traveling with, on the other I’d really love to explore and observe the place with my camera on […]

Kelvin and Tricia – Zambawood Love – Part 2

The shade under the pine forest gave us respite from the wicked sun, and the gentle, albeit hot breeze is a welcome guest during the third set of Kelvin and Tricia’s engagement shoot. The scenery provided a wonderful backdrop until the sun decides to be a little kinder. When the sun reached it’s golden hour […]

Kelvin and Tricia – Zambawood Love – Part 1

Rainy season has come, and I guess it will be trickier to do beach prenups these coming months. It’s still very hot though so I’m getting mixed feelings about the weather. Who’s up for a trip to the beach? I remember the prenup of Kelvin and Tricia in Zambawood a few months ago though. We […]

Gijs and Michelle – Encounter with Destiny

It’s like traveling to different sides of the world when I go from Michelle’s room to Gij’s. But the energy and the reason for laughter is the same. Love ones and family make the day with their presence in their beautiful dresses and suits. But the best thing about it is they all have their […]

Jed and Lalaine – Colors of Love

Concepts of married life vary like the many colors we see. When these colors come together they make the rainbow, majestic and wonderful, a sign of promise given by God. Let your marriage be like the rainbow, where all aspects come together to form a complete picture that will all point to the creator of […]

Alvin and Yuka – Spirit Free – A Zambales Prewedding

“An artist has a soul that is in constant motion, and it is most alive as it moves. And two souls that find each other turns into a dance that never ends.” Circle Hostel, Liwliwa Zambales Make Up and Hair by: Siennalee De Guia

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