A Good Hair Day

Cosplay gatherings is always interesting for me, when I’m available I make it a point to drop by to take portraits. Recently I went to one and for the first time noticed how hairstyles play such a basic role in the aspect of cosplay (face palm), so for a good whole afternoon, I was fascinated at impressive hairdos and wigs. I feel like a creep sneaking up behind some of the cosplayers and taking pics of their hair.

Cosmania 002

Cosmania 003

Cosmania 001

Cosmania 004

Cosmania 005

Cosmania 006

Cosmania 007

Cosmania 009

Most of the cosplayers I see have wigs for their hairstyles, which can be bought online in varying prices because of their quality and color.

Cosmania 010

Cosmania 011

Cosmania 014

Cosmania 015

Cosmania 016

Cosmania 017

Cosmania 013

Cosmania 012
Of course, there are other aspects that go into the cosplay costume, like creativity, hard work, and sometimes just good ol’ GUTS!

Cosmania 018

Cosmania 019
While some use wigs, other characters will require applying hair color, which may be a hassle, but have a more realistic feel.
Cosmania 023

Cosmania 020

Cosmania 021

I don’t know half of the characters I see in these events now, I feel old… or maybe I haven’t been watching anime lately.

Cosmania 022

Cosmania 027

Cosmania 028

Cosmania 025
Funny thing, my wife found a booth that is promoting hair wax. Next thing I know I’m having my hair fixed…
I don’t normally fix my hair, but I like how it turned out.
Of course this could not compare to the one in the next pic…
Cosmania 024
Or this one…
Cosmania 026