Avoid the Storm, Chase the Sun

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A week ago we had to cancel a prenup shoot due to a huge storm that is right over the city. We were all hoping it would not hit on the day of the prenup, but when we woke up that day, the howling winds was what greeted us a good morning. Do you know how it feels to cancel a shoot? It feels weird, because all the pent up excitement and the images in your head are put on a shelf until further notice. And throughout the day, the thought lingers whether we made the right decision or not, especially during hours when the storm calms down.

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Fast forward to next week however we were able to do the shoot, and this time the sun came shining and we had gorgeous light all day. I discussed with my groom about the decision we made last week and agreed in hindsight that it was a good decision. Gathering from my groom’s account, here are some things I learned that may help if the same situation comes again.

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Time is of the essence here. So when you wake up on the day of your prenup and you find a storm above your head,
first thing you have to do is to gather a consensus from your prenup team as early as possible, latest is a few hours before call time.
Consider those who have to travel far.

Prepare options for everyone, around two to three and then everyone pick two, then the couple makes the final decision.
Everyone should have their calendars ready as well.

The biggest hindrance to making the final decision is the feeling whether it will be the right one or not.
Don’t think too much, go back to your simplest requirements for the shoot, for us we wanted to have sun during our shoot,
and since there was no way for that to happen because of the storm, the decision was to move the shoot.

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What happens then if the sun does show up later in the day?
Don’t regret it, remember that even though you made the call, it was a group decision and everyone agreed to it.
So enjoy your day and go back to the mirror and practice your poses more!

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