Davy and Valerie – Love that Moves

It’s a love story that sends the warmest fuzzies down my spine. Two friends whom we thought would make a good match actually became a good match, good is an understatement, great would be the right term. But while we made the match, it is them who made it work. Davy persistently asked for that first meet, and told Valerie he would only want 15 minutes of her time, it was all the time he needed to make that connection. After that Val had to go back to HK where she lived, to which Davy booked 3 round trip tickets to Hong Kong on the spot and that impressed her. They dated and kept in touch in between his trips to HK, their facebook posts was too much cheesiness for us to handle, and long story short, it didn’t take long before Davy proposed marriage wherein Valerie said “Yes”.

160219 ESAVP Davy and Val from Derrick Lim on Vimeo.

See that little movement in the prenup slideshow? I was thinking of doing something new with something that’s been around for a long time. So I inserted a few more surprises for Davy and Val’s onsite slideshow. While some will fuse video clips to their photo slideshow, the selections for Davy and Val’s are all photo. I hope it amazes you as much as I had fun shooting and making it.

Coordination by: Wedding Treasures
Make Up by: Kaycee Anne Lim

160221 Davy and Val from Derrick Lim on Vimeo.