Kelvin and Tricia – Zambawood Love – Part 1

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 011

Rainy season has come, and I guess it will be trickier to do beach prenups these coming months. It’s still very hot though so I’m getting mixed feelings about the weather. Who’s up for a trip to the beach?

I remember the prenup of Kelvin and Tricia in Zambawood a few months ago though. We went there mid-March but the heat felt like the peak of summer, it was hot! But even that couldn’t do much to bring our energy down. These two were a joy to be with.

We were joined by Nelson Aguilar who did a wonderful job on Tricia’s hair and make up, and we were amazed by the friendliness and hospitality of the staff of Zambawood, thank you Rachel, we hope to visit the place again soon!

Here’s the first half of the prenup set, the second half should be up pretty soon.

Hair and Make Up by: Nelson Aguilar
Venue: Julyan’s Surf BnB at Zambawood

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 001

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 002

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 129

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 003

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 004

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 005

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 006

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 007

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 008

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 130

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 009

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 010

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 128

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 012

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 013

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 014

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 015

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 016

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 017

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 131

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 018

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 019

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 021

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 022

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 023

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 024

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 025

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 027

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 029

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 031

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 026

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 028

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 030

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 032

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 033

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 034

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 036

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 037

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 038

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 039a

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 042

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 043

Kelvin-Tricia-Zambawood-Engagement 046