The Manansala Family

A quick family shoot in the simple home of the Manansala family, where everyone was so fun and in tuned with each other that they were so natural in front of the camera. You can basically tell who is the who of the family just by looking at the pics. While we only had a […]

JR and Cristina – Love in the Secret Place

It is in love that you find such a place not bound by geography. Where anywhere is special as long as you are “With” each other. It is the comforting thought that no matter where you go, you know that at the end of the day, you can always run into the arms of your […]

Pierre and Eunice – One Lovely Afternoon

Imagine a lazy sunday afternoon, a comfy couch, a warm drink in hand and nothing to do but to just lounge beside your loving half. To those spectrum of the populace that enjoy this scenario, this may be the prewedding for you. Much like Eunice and Pierre, all they wanted was to enjoy each others […]

Marvin and Kim – Ronac Prewedding

They seem to be the simple type, and their affections somewhat bashful. But I notice their hands always tend to meet halfway, and their smiles always in sync. It’s a love that is strong but doesn’t not scream for attention, the kind that occasionally shows itself to you… if it deems you worthy. I consider […]

Michelle and Gijs – A Meteora Prewedding

The first time I met Michelle to discuss about her wedding details I’d never have guessed that behind her simple looks and personality lies and adventurous spirit. It is exactly that adventurous spirit that allowed her to go backpacking to Cambodia, there she met up with another group of backpackers and decided to join in […]

Nic and Blanche – Love Goes Far

Ilocos Norte has always beheld me with it’s mix of raw nature and beautiful man made structures, so when Nic brought up the idea of traveling up north for their prenup, I was excited for the possibilities. In the span of three days we covered locations from the UNESCO world heritage site of Vigan, to […]

Michael and Stephanie – Hands Together

HMUA: Jefrey Pahn Bridal Gown: Rex Domogma Bouquet and Styling: DIY Bunny Coordinator: Lyz Tiongson Preparations: Makati Shangri-La Ceremony: Holy Trinity Parish Reception: Century Seafood Videography: Jonard Santos Videography Photography: Derrick and Jasper of Imagine Nation

Living the Lime Life – Lime Hotel Boracay

It’s nice to have an assignment that forces me to switch modes from fast paced shooting to something that allows me to take things slow, so slow it felt like a vacation all through out. Such was the experience when I stayed in Lime Hotel in Boracay. Their welcome drink matches their color scheme. Found […]

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