Camera on Hand – Baguio, A Home for the Heart

Baguio has always been an escape for me, a place where I can forget about the seriousness of life and take things slow… really slow. What I enjoy most of the time is how I become more conscious of each moment during the days I spend there. Here are snapshots of a 2 day trip […]

Randel and Lee – “In Your Presence”

“Love is being anywhere in the world as long as I am with you, because in your presence I am content.” I don’t know where I picked up that line, but I have been wishing that for myself and for my couples ever since, a relationship where they are content. I know these things are […]

Turn Waiting Into Play

I joined my friend on a ministry outing to bring some kids to the zoo and the park, we plan to finish around 5pm and head home afterwards, but due to bus problems we were forced to wait. So we brought the kids back to the park, where they played and played, and they never […]

Davy and Valerie – Love that Moves

It’s a love story that sends the warmest fuzzies down my spine. Two friends whom we thought would make a good match actually became a good match, good is an understatement, great would be the right term. But while we made the match, it is them who made it work. Davy persistently asked for that […]

Jed and Lalaine Prenup – Through the Journey

Every day we each take a new step in our own lives, yet one day our paths will converge with another and it becomes a journey. When two individuals decide to take on a journey together, they realize that the problems will still be the same but the weight of it is halved, the victories […]

Camera on Hand – Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year here in Manila is one of the liveliest celebrations around. I have always made it a point to capture this celebration ever since I started photography. Yesterday I walked the streets of Binondo again but I wanted to catch something more intimate. I took very few shots but I love this one. […]

Preview – Kaine and Katt

I can remember the cool breeze grazing by my arms as I move to position myself right before Katt makes her march, time seems to stop in moments like these. I take the shot, and as I walk fast to my next position, I see Kaine, with a huge smile plastered on his face, it’s […]

Glen and Beverly Onsite Slideshow

The beauty of a photo is that, when properly composed, each can stand on it’s own, but another strength comes when they are put together to form an complete story of the wedding day. The emotion is multiplied and the memories collide. Add music and let the whole experience take you on an emotional ride. […]

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