Rizal and Rain – Thank You 2015

It has been a personal tradition for me to do a quick photowalk around Roxas boulevard to catch the last sunset of the year, then after that I head off to the family dinner. Last night as I was walking back to my car I decided to do a last shot at the Rizal monument […]

Steve and Monica – St Peter the Apostle Parish

It has been quite a while since I did a wedding in St. Peter’s in Paco, it’s a nicely designed church except for some power lines so close to the facade. One design I love though is the huge wooden main doors, it just begs to be photographed. I always look forward to capturing the […]

Camera on Hand – Intramuros

It was supposed to be just a normal trip to Intramuros, I needed to submit some papers requirements to Manila Cathedral for upcoming weddings. I brought my camera with me because I wanted to take a walk around, maybe take a picture or two. Along the way I take pics while stuck in traffic, jeeps […]

Marc and Jen – Love on a Sunny Day

This was the one prenup that we had to reschedule because of typhoon Lando, and I’m glad we did. Although we really don’t have full control of the weather, we were thankful that the weather was perfect during the day of the prenup, sun shining down through the trees created such beautiful light. Recently they […]

Street Skates

I couldn’t keep myself on top of a skateboard even if I wanted to, that is why I enjoy watching those who skate and practice their tricks on the streets. I’m glad they don’t mind me taking a few pictures, I think they enjoyed it as well.

A Good Hair Day

Cosplay gatherings is always interesting for me, when I’m available I make it a point to drop by to take portraits. Recently I went to one and for the first time noticed how hairstyles play such a basic role in the aspect of cosplay (face palm), so for a good whole afternoon, I was fascinated […]

Avoid the Storm, Chase the Sun

A week ago we had to cancel a prenup shoot due to a huge storm that is right over the city. We were all hoping it would not hit on the day of the prenup, but when we woke up that day, the howling winds was what greeted us a good morning. Do you know […]

Ryan Madamba + Sofitel

Congratulations Ryan Madamba for a successful show during the launch of Sofitel’s Events Lounge.

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