Two Sides of Taal Lake

I never knew Taal Volcano was such a nice place to do a prenup, even if we had to deal with the heat and the costs of renting a horse it was so worth it. Up to our second set and on our way back, I realized a familiar mountain where I also did a […]

Ronald and Jennifer – Mater Dolorosa Parish

Sometimes I get to shoot as second camera for a wedding, when a couple books a photographer in our team, the backup is assigned by the studio among whoever is available in the team. And at these times, my shots are complimentary of the main, and focused on the groom. I wasn’t planning on posting […]

Mga Tunay na Bayani

It was an unusual concept for me, mainly because as a man I can only understand up to such a degree, the significance of breastfeeding and the connection it creates between mother and child. So arriving at the grounds of the AFP really got me searching and trying to understand the message of who I’ll […]

Work is a Blessing – Sand Man

“Patience is a virtue” – William Langland I remember when I was in Singapore I lined up to order food at a hawker stall that had the sign “Best Satay Ever”. The server would tell his customers to come back after ten minutes. So while still waiting in line, one foreigner comes back to the […]

Eliel and Jennifer – Fernbrook Wedding

Eliel had a big smile during their first dance, he and Jennifer were laughing, I don’t know why, but I know they were happy. It was a beautiful sight, as they danced in front of everyone but only focused on each other. It was a beautiful way to enter a new chapter in a God […]

Does It Make a Difference?

Have you set out to try to make an impact in this world and somewhere along the way you ask yourself that same question? “Does it make a difference?”. It seems like for all the good we try to do individually, it doesn’t seem to make any impact in light of all the bad news […]

Jed and Athena – Prenup at 14 Four Cafe

“When I wake up every morning I always watch you for a while Then I kiss you very lightly, Watch you lips turn to a smile.” – Charles Wiles, 2007 Venue at: 14 Four Cafe, Taytay, Rizal Make Up by: Charisma Vergara

Hidden Beauty Manila Zoo

The Hidden Beauty of Manila Zoo

The famous quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” seems to forget that some beauty has to be observed. In this generation where we are constantly bombarded by the media with instant images and novelty, it is tempting to think that even beauty can be served to us like fast food for the […]

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