The Joy of Selecting Your Bridesmaids

Have you ever attended a wedding and wondered why there had to be bridesmaids (and groomsmen)? It got my curiosity thinking a while back and I did a quick search on the traditions (and some superstitions) that involves the choosing of your entourage. It wasn’t mind blowing when I looked it up so I simply […]

Hay Tita – Funny Wedding Moments

Weddings are filled with moments, the crying, the hugging, the laughing, I’m pretty much used to seeing and feeling the emotions in events like these. But then there is this tita, who comes up while the couple is doing their funky first dance and inserts a packet of money in… well, I guess the picture […]

When It Happens

It’s our job to be on our toes during a wedding day, and through experience we learn where to stand when we expect certain things to happen. But sometimes things just happen when we are not yet in the right place, and when it does, speed, calmness and a little luck will get the shot. […]

Mahogany Market – A Tagaytay Photowalk

“Life can be more interesting in the right light.” I arrived tagaytay mid afternoon and thought I could spend an hour or so walking around and taking pictures, the afternoon light was beginning to look nice too. I had to decide on a place where I can see the most activity and Mahogany Market was […]

Kelly and Gigi – The Henry Hotel Prenup

I was so excited when Kelly called me up asking for a time to meet regarding my services, I’m always giddy when a batch mate is on his wedding preps journey and it was also a great time to catch up. Very happy too that he found a beautiful and loving partner in Gigi, because […]

Wild Ride

Usually a conversation would go like this: Friend: Where did you go last weekend? Me: Butuan! Friend: Oh, is it nice over there? Me: Yes! I loved my trip, it was full of great experiences. Friend: Really? What’s your favorite? Me: Other than the food, the sights and the road trips? My favorite is the […]

Ryan and Kenna – San Agustin Wedding

The amazing thing about love is that it seems to bridge long distances. No matter how far you two are from each other, you will always find each other in your heart. What your love needs is nurture. Keep your love alive by constantly communicating, encouraging and surprising each other. Work hard to keep your […]

Rainy Chores

The weather has a way of surprising us lately, in the mornings it will be hot and then in the afternoon it will be cold and wet. But as much as it is an inconvenience to most people, it also allows some interesting and charming humor.

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