Are You Rain Ready?

Rainy days have always been a challenge when we shoot prenups outdoors, we have to take care of our couples, our gears and ourselves. A little rain won’t be much of a problem, but yesterday halfway through our shoot the sky really poured. There’s no denying the possibility of a little (or a lot of) […]

Family and Finance – A Family Ministry Event

Handling finance whether as a single, or in a family is such a basic need, but surprisingly a lot of us lack the knowledge of it, that is why most of the time the subject of money becomes a cause of tension in a marriage which in extreme cases leads to extreme debt and sometimes […]

John Maxwell in Manila

It was a great opportunity to cover a speaking engagement of none other than John Maxwell, someone who I look up to and whose books have inspired me. What makes this event special is the context behind it. In a rare occasion John Maxwell delivers his talk in Manila in front of one of the […]

Stan and Jen – Anvaya Cove Prenup

Love asks you to take it seriously, but at the same time, it also asks you to take it easy, too much drama can make the relationship stiff, taking away the fun that comes along with it. Insert a little bit of playfulness between the two of you, and it will be like a fertilizer […]

Alain and Anna – Fernbrook Gardens

How nice it is to see a love that has grown from years of friendship, one that is nurtured and has gone through good and bad times, because in their hearts they have formed an invisible bond, an understanding that goes beyond words. Suppliers: Coordinator: Detalye Weddings and Events Make Up Team: MK Studio Flowers […]

Derrick and Darlene – The Henry Hotel Manila

December is usually busy season for wedding photographers, but last year I was glad that me and my wife were able to find a day during the busy season to get away from all the busyness. We found this nice place called The Henry Hotel Manila, a quaint hotel with lush trees and post modern […]

Sunset Companion

I wanted to take a photo of the last sunset of 2014 and at the same time take a moment to reminisce about the many happenings this year, but I happened to share my spot with a lone traveler and we ended up chatting and enjoying the sunset together. In the end we each took […]

Sam and Nika – Chinese Engagement

I believe in having fun during weddings and engagements, especially in Chinese engagements where most people are quiet and stiff during the ceremony, a little laughter can lift the mood and make it a more memorable event. I notice that the mood of the guest almost always reflect the personality of the couple and their […]

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