Are You Rain Ready?

Rain Prenup D7L_1795 A

Rainy days have always been a challenge when we shoot prenups outdoors, we have to take care of our couples, our gears and ourselves. A little rain won’t be much of a problem, but yesterday halfway through our shoot the sky really poured. There’s no denying the possibility of a little (or a lot of) bad weather these coming months, so here’s some tips if you really want to have your prenup in a park or in a field or anywhere else outdoors.

preferably a clear see through or a plain colored one, make it big so it covers the two of you.
It offers the photographer a lot of options when it comes to his shots.

2. Be ready to ADJUST YOUR THEME,
sunny outdoor picnics is ok with a little drizzle, but won’t hold up if it pours.

3. If the rain pours during the shoot, KNOW HOW YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER FEELS about the situation,
some may decide to wait it out, while some may actually be excited but just don’t know how to tell you.
If you’ve got a rain-ready photographer, you’re in luck.

it may feel weird at first but just focus on each other and have fun,
make sure it’s the last few shots for that outfit and have towels ready,
both for you and for your prenup team.

It takes a little looking at the bright side, and it works wonders. Take it as an analogy because there will be so called “rainy days” in married life. When you face it together and enjoy what the day has given you, you’ll end up with good memories, and that’s what we’d like to capture.

And if you have time after the shoot, end your day with a good round of grub and hot drinks for everyone,
rainy weather and hot chocolate or tea make for good bonding moments between you and your team!