Rizal and Rain – Thank You 2015

Rizal Monument with Rain and Lights
It has been a personal tradition for me to do a quick photowalk around Roxas boulevard to catch the last sunset of the year, then after that I head off to the family dinner. Last night as I was walking back to my car I decided to do a last shot at the Rizal monument along with the dramatic lights around it. In a few minutes the rain began to pour, but that only made the scene more interesting and favorable for me. But as I was setting up my phone started to ring, I thought: “Oh my, it’s dinner time already, they must be waiting for me”. But the shot must be done so I ignored the call… however, the phone kept ringing and ringing, while I was setting up and getting drenched in the rain and trying to make sure the shot is focused and straight. I enjoyed the minor rush, it reminds me why I love doing photography.

I’ll call this: “Rizal and Rain” my last photo for 2015.

Anyway, another year is done, 2015 has been a bumpy ride for me. But looking back at the many photos I realize that God has allowed me to be part of the many lives and their special moments throughout this year, and THAT is truly a blessing. Thank you 2015 and thank you to everyone who has been part of it. I’m looking forward for 2016.

Derrick Lim Collage