The Happy Art of Shibori

There is joy in making something beautiful, and there is also joy in finding it in the unplanned. That is what we found out when we attended Luisa’s Shibori workshop when she held it in QC. With an intimate setting and relaxed sunday atmosphere, participants are taught to experiment and explore this craft, and also get a chance to bring life to their old clothes.

Shibori is a Japanese art of dyeing wherein you control (sort of) where the dye goes by tying, binding, folding, etc. It sounds laborious until you get your hands into it, because the joy is in the process and the result is magic, which you’ll see it in a bit.

This craft is fairly easy to do, as a lot of the materials you use can be found in the household, and a lot of how it’s used depends on your creativity. The dyes depending on the color can range from hard to source, to those basically found in your backyard. Luisa also encourages the use of natural dyes instead of chemical ones.

After tying or binding their fabrics, the participants take turns in dipping their creations into the dye, half guessing how it would come out. It just takes a few minutes of waiting before it’s taken out and untied. That is when the magic happens.

The first time someone opens their creation a look of awe instantly takes over, then as other participants unravel theirs, oohs and aahs start filling the room. The next thing the participant does after hanging their creation to dry, is to quickly start on a new one, most can’t believe they actually made something so awesome! As each participant hangs their fabrics to dry, the cloths line looks like an impromptu gallery of unexpected artistry.