Wild Ride

Butuan Perya 8

Usually a conversation would go like this:

Friend: Where did you go last weekend?

Me: Butuan!

Friend: Oh, is it nice over there?

Me: Yes! I loved my trip, it was full of great experiences.

Friend: Really? What’s your favorite?

Me: Other than the food, the sights and the road trips? My favorite is the WALL OF DEATH!

And that, is usually followed by raised eyebrows, blank stares, dropped jaws, or sparkly eyed excitement!
If you haven’t seen a wall of death, then you haven’t seen crazy at it’s finest.

Below are photos of one of the nights I was in Butuan where our host brought us to the local perya. It’s a trip I look forward to because of all the ruggedness it comes with, and especially the one attraction that gives me the best adrenaline rush I can get for a mere 40 pesos.

Butuan Perya 3

Butuan Perya 2

Butuan Perya 4

Butuan Perya 5

Butuan Perya 6

Butuan Perya 7

Butuan Perya 9

Butuan Perya 10

Butuan Perya 11 - End

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